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Nyc Restaurant In Times Square

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You  might try the Findmeglutenfree app or site.  I know there are some entirely gluten-free places, but I don't know where.  One I have heard friends rave about is Senza gluten.  I don't have a clue if that is close to where you will be or not.


Looks like they are in Greenwich Village









You might decide it is worth a trip to one of these

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I'm from New York, and I never eat in Times Square when I got to the theatre. It's more than worth it to travel a few minutes to an amazing restaurant. I recommend:



Senza Gluten


Friendman's Lunch (near 34th St so not too far away)


There is also another Bistango on 55th St I think, at the Kimberly Hotel. I've only been there for brunch, but I've heard great things. 


Have fun!

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