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Bone Density Testing - Newly Diagnosed Child

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Hi there! I'm new to this forum. My 6 year-old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac over the summer and we have been gluten-free (with a few cross contamination incidents) since August. At her recent check-in with her GI doctor they ordered a bone density screening (scheduled for January). The Doctor had never mentioned this before and honestly since we had all the testing and biopsy done in the summer and had met our insurance deductible it would have been helpful to have done the test earlier this year. This led me to look into how important the testing is. Since she is so young it did not seem like it would be needed now - but something in a few years we could test. I went to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center site and under one of the FAQ's it states a bone density test is not required for children if they have not had any problems with fractures (she has not). I, of course, want to and will do what is best for her but I want to make sure it is absolutely necessary. Does anybody have any experience with this - being that she was diagnosed as a child, not an adult who has been living with the disease undiagnosed for a long time. Thank you in advance!

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