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Gluten Challenge

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My 9 year old started a gluten challenge last week (on Xmas Eve) and I'm amazed by the results!


Rewind: When my youngest was a baby she was dx celiac so her siblings were both tested and both came back in that gray area of "could be or couldn't be - we decide."  Because the oldest hadn't grown height and had lost weight in over a year, had daily stomach aches, often had to remove herself during a meal to relieve herself, etc, we opted to go with "yes - celiac."  She gained weight.  Grew several inches.  Stopped running to the bathroom during a meal.  All was right.  For two years.  Now she's back with running to the loo and general growing pains.  Every speck of food comes from me and she was scared of cross-contamination so I know she's not cheating.

Anyway, she asked about a challenge and retest and I felt she's mature enough to make decisions on her own.  She came out the gate with a Dunkin Donuts long john - nothing.  Then a Panera bagel - nothing.  Sandwich for BBQ - nada.  She's only had diarrhea once since starting and that was after a meatball sub - which has so many things happening at once.

I'm amazed!  She will get tested again in March.  And, if her numbers are better this time, she will still be primarily gluten-free as my house, my lunches, my snacks, etc, are 100% gluten-free.

Fingers crossed!!

Oh, and this is the funny part, she actually made a list of everything she wanted to eat over this three month time span.  She even put things on the list like Twix and licorice.  It really is the little things!


Undiagnosed, but I'm positive that I'm the genetic link to celiac for my kids.  Gluten Free in solidarity of my girls!

Kid 1 (9 y/o girl) - DX celiac via blood in 9/2013 (age 7.5).  Negative biopsy in 10/2013.

Kid 2 (5 y/o boy) - DX as "latent celiac" via blood in 9/2013 (age 3.5).  Negative biopsy in 10/2013.

Kid 3 (3 y/o girl) - DX celiac via blood in 8/2013 (age 1.5) and 9/2013. 

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