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probiotics.. herx reaction?

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On Tuesday I took probiotics for the first time (one 500mg capsule). That night I felt AWFUL, like I had the flu. The next day I felt better, but really tired and felt sick after eating. It's now Friday and I feel okay.. I'm pretty tired (despite sleeping almost 12 hours), have a scratchy throat, shaky (not like the chills, but like my hands are trembling a little bit. i did have really bad chills on and off the first two days though, with no fever), no appetite (not even really hungry), and i can't eat anything without feeling nauseous. But it seems like I mostly only have these symptoms when I eat.. So basically, I feel great as long as I don't eat. I only took the probiotics that one time. I have a terrible fear/phobia of throwing up, and even just being nauseous I start to panic a bit. So I can't bring myself to take it again.. So.. is this a herx reaction? How do I feel better? It's like I got glutened, but 10x worse. Help :(

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

If you are new to being gluten free, first read our Newbie 101 thread under the "Coping" section of this forum.  You should make sure you are not getting gluten into your diet accidentally.  

I would also not recommend taking any supplements for the first month or so.  Your gut is damaged.  Even trying to digest a vitamin can be hard!  I would make sure your supplements are actually gluten free.  GI doctors recently tested 22 brands of probiotics.  Many were labeled gluten free, yet they had gluten in them!  They were wondering why patients were not healing from celiac disease.  


Eat whole foods that are easy to digest.  I cook soups, stew meat and veggies and do not add seasonings when I am recovering from a glutening because even digesting gluten free foods is hard on your gut until healing occurs.  

Hang in there!  



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