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low carb high fat for weight loss after recent celiac diagnosis??

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I just got diagnosed with celiac disease. I was doing really great with my health, weight, body fat, etc right up until August 2015, when my body basically flipped out and it was months and months of health problems and weight gain and skin rash, and organ issues. After months of tests and such, finally tested positive for celiac and have to go gluten free. I have gained 70lbs, I'm the highest weight I've ever been. My doctor says it's probably mostly from inflammation and should go back down after being gluten free for awhile. I went to the store yesterday to buy new pants, and cried when my typical pair didn't fit, I had to go up another size. I am desperate to lose even 10lbs, I need something that works. I was doing tons of research last night and kept coming across success stories of people that have gone low carb, moderate protein, high fat after celiac diagnosis-but then read that high fat diets cause issues with celiac disease because of the malabsorption issues and they still gain weight or have further digestive issues. I am willing to do whatever I need to do, but wondering if anyone has had success losing weight after being diagnosed with celiac disease with any type of low carb or low/high anything diet? I have no other health issues, no diabetes or anything, just this blasted celiac :)


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Hi Kbear,

I don't consider myself overweight, I just have one of those pleasing gluten-free beer bellies the girls like so much! :)

I was always pretty slim but did put on some weight after going gluten-free.  And getting somewhat old-manish.  When I first went gluten-free I had one heck of an appetites and ate like crazy for a while.  I figure my body was trying to repair itself and needed lots of nutrients to do the job.

I agree with the idea of a low carb, high protein diet.  Carbs have a tendency to burn off fast and make us hungry quicker.  Proteins are slower to raise blood sugar and keep it at a more even keel for longer than carbs.  So a low carb is a great way to go IMHO.  Sugar makes you hungry faster is the gist of it.

Welcome to the forum! :)

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I have been on a Low Carb, High Fat  diet for over two years, but I have diabetes and I never have been overweight.  I eat enough carbs to keep my meter happy!  i also have celiac disease.     Let's face it, no one really should be eating cookies, cakes, tons of bread, chips, soda, jiuce, etc. On a regular basis.   There must be a reason the General population is gaining so much weight.  

I stick to a whole foods diet as much as possible.  I do cheat on the LCHF diet, because I can never cheat on the gluten-free diet.  

Research the diet.  This does not mean you can eat a pound of bacon.  It means that when you eat carbs, they should include plenty of veggies (do not save carbs for something dumb like ice cream).  Here is a great video about the LCHF diet:

Do make sure your thyroid is working properly.   There is a strong link between celiac disease and autoimmune thyroiditis.  

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