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You are seeing more and more articles about what "Delimits" Celiac or is there environmental triggers that can cause those genetically predisposed to develop Celiac disease that can actually trigger it in our bodies.

It reminds of this research that asks "Could changing Gut Bacteria Prevent Celiac Disease" linked here


Where researchers note quoting "Researchers have known for some time that people with celiac disease have different types of gut bacteria than those without celiac disease, but they didn't whether the changes in gut bacteria were caused by celiac disease, or the other way around."

and apparently according to the research you linked it might in certain circumstances.

This research says the same thing http://www.hcplive.com/medical-news/not-everyone-predisposed-to-celiac-disease-develops-it

Quoting ""So the type of bacteria that we have in our gut contributes to the digestion of gluten, and the way this digestion is performed could increase or decrease the chances of developing celiac disease in a person with genetic risk,” senior study author Dr. Elena Verdu explained in a press release. “Celiac disease is caused by gluten in genetically predisposed people, but bacteria in our gut could tip the balance in some people between developing the disease or staying healthy."

Truly an exciting time to be a Celiac if indeed a fecal transfer like what is already being used to treat C. Dif can/could also help Celiac Patients.


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