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I was watching the news a couple of nights ago and there was a story about a treatment for celiac that is under development. It sounds kind of neat because some researchers have been able to invent an enzyme that doesn't exist in nature that can destroy gliadin. Obviously the goal is to treat people with celiac disease. It sounds like it might also be promising for NCGS too. It might be something that's already been mentioned on the forum, but if not I thought I'd bring it up. It's still in development so probably a long ways from becoming an actual treatment. It's hopeful to hear that progress is potentially being made.

This is info about it: http://hsnewsbeat.uw.edu/story/uw-spin-out-seeks-develop-celiac-disease-therapy

This is the news story I saw: http://komonews.com/news/healthworks/uw-researchers-developing-cure-for-celiac-disease

I wasn't sure where to post this, so if it needs to be moved to a different section that's fine. :)

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    To the OP, once in a while this stuff happens.  Please feel free to start a new topic if that would make it easier.  I am afraid this is just part of forums on the internet. I hope this didn’t chase you off.  
    @anasss Nobody in this thread has called anyone "ignorant," so please don't say that if it did not happen. Also, the use of all capitals is, in forums and other places on the Internet, generally considered yelling and impolite, and there ...
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