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Hi everyone,

Due to poor bone health and high blood work, I am suspected to have Celiac's (a few more weeks and I will be back in the States to complete testing!).

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone had success stories about regaining bone density? My nephrologist says this will happen, and I trust her, but I would like to hear what anyone here did that helped or any sort of recommendations. 

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4 minutes ago, TexasJen said:

I think it really depends on your gender and age. If you are a postmenopausal woman, you are much less likely to regain the bone naturally.....

Anyone who is still young should be able to recover bone density without taking those horrible meds they like to push on people.  You still have your hormones, which play an instrumental role in bone formation. Getting plenty of calcium, magnesium and Vit.D and K2 is a good place to start and then do weight bearing exercises for good measure. For women, you need to weigh at least 126 pounds to make bone on your own and for men its around 145. Anyone weighing less than that should absolutely be exercising on a regular basis to make up for the lower weight.

I stopped the progression of my osteoporosis in my spine by doing weight training.  It hasn't gotten better, that I know of, but has remained stable.

I will not take the meds because too many doctors and dentists told me not to. They see the side effects from them, plus the side effects are more serious in younger people......meaning anyone under 75 years old.  They are probably warranted to take if you are 75 or older because losing bone mass really accelerates at that age, if you have the problem. But if you are under 40, don't sweat it. It's that youth thing....you can inflict abuse on your body and it still bounces back!  ;)

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I was just diagnosed June 1 with silent celiac.  I have no physical symptoms but do have anemia and osteoporosis.  My body apparently cannot absorb the vitamins and minerals.  When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 9 years ago, they recommended I start taking Evista.  I lasted 4 months before a reaction.  Doctor then wanted me to take Boniva.  I did that for 4 months and again a reaction.  I have not taken anything else since.  I am curious if the celiac was preventing the drugs from adhering to my bones.  Everyone is different.  Weight bearing exercise is very important--just taking a walk is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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