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Pallor/Coloring after gluten exposure

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My daughter experiences primarily neurological symptoms when exposed to gluten. It's a long story, but she had an accidental substantial gluten exposure recently and is now VERY sensitive.  We are working out our safety system when going places where there is gluten to mitigate the hazard. But one of the things I have noticed is the change in her pallor/color.  I never say anything, but make a mental note. Several hours later she experiences numbness, tingling, nerve pain, loss of coordination. Sometimes there are GI symptoms, sometimes not. 

So, has anyone else noticed a change in pallor and want to share?  I'm sort of working on our own personal early warning system to prevent injury and harm to her (one neurological atttack happened while she was skating. Not a good thing).  I'm curious if others have noticed it too. 


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