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Is this DH? please help :(

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Hello, I have had rashes all my life, positive nickel allergy, but I avoid it. I have had both the patch test and the prick test done by an allergist last summer with everything negative, but nickel, which I knew going in.  She suggested gluten, despite the fact that all blood tests were negative for celiac. I know you can be positive DH with neg blood tests and I am so sure its DH. I had a biopsy done last summer, but I was not told beforehand that being gluten free, or treating the rash with medication before the biopsy could cause a false negative, so it is completely possible that I was doing both of those things, I just cannot remember. I want to get another biopsy done but I am not sure I can afford it because I do not know if it is covered under my insurance :(

My rash is, mostly, bilateral. I get it on my forearms, legs, butt, thighs, sometimes breasts, sometimes neck. If I treat it with topical medicine it will go away somewhat/be less itchy, but if I stop medicine for a day or so it will be awful and itchy and painful. Also, when/if the rash goes away I am left with darker areas of hyper pigmentation which I read could be a sign of DH. Does anyone else get that? For some reason I think it might get worse in the summer.... maybe I am just more aware of it because of the fact that I can't show my skin during times that you are supposed to....

I am currently eating a diet containing gluten because gluten free food is so expensive and I want a better confirmation before I spend all that money on gluten free food. I am a vegetarian and a college student, so I do not have a lot of money to be even more picky about food. 

If anyone has any input on my image, or has an opinion on if you think this is DH I would really appreciate it. 


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It could be dh & then again, it could be many other rashes. The surest way to know is to get a dh biopsy. Yes, you have to be eating a gluten diet for 3 months if you have been eating gluten free. This next is VERY IMPORTANT ~~~~ the biopsy must be taken from clear skin adjacent to an active lesion. If the biopsy is taken ON the lesion then it is NOT a dh biopsy. You should check with your insurance company about their covering the biopsy. I would think they would since it is a diagnostic test. 

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My dermatologist told me it can take 3-4 biopsies to get a positive reading. She also told me to call her as soon as a blister starts to form and she will biopsy. It only takes 2-6 hours from when I eat gluten to when a blister starts to form. 

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