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Vasectomy with celiac?

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Has anyone with celiac disease gotten a vasectomy and do you think it caused any problems for you with regards to autoimmunity?


I'm considering getting a vasectomy and was reading up on possible risks. Generally these seem to be little to worry about, but I noticed that 60-70% of men develop antibodies to a protein in their own sperm as a result—an autoimmune response. The primary downside to this as far as I can tell is that it can mean infertility even if the procedure is surgically reversed... but considering I'd be getting a vasectomy to become infertile, that in itself doesn't worry me because I am certain I'm done having kids.

What does worry me is the idea that having an autoimmune disease already might make me more susceptible to developing sperm antibodies and that these antibodies could have other systemic effects on my body since I will potentially constantly have immune complexes floating in my bloodstream due to a neverending immune reaction against my sperm, which of course continue to be produced post-vasectomy. I want to avoid provoking my immune system further.


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Hey there - just offering some anecdotal evidence - I'm married to a celiac. He had a vasectomy three years ago after we knew we were done having children. He said he feels great. Everybody is different, but fwiw, he has a physical every year and nothing else has cropped up in the meantime.From my perspective, I'm so glad he did. Things have been great and it is nice to not worry about other forms of birth control.

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