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projectile vomiting when glutened

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That is a  BIG problem, I noticed that too. They throw all the UDIS stuff in same area, and there are some similar looking packages that are not gluten free. I couldn't find the cinnamon raisin UDIS at both wal marts, but i am NOT  crazy about that bread. I think I will try that other one. All they have is plain but I can put peanut butter on it.   How does the celiacs organization tell the stores that they need to put NON gluten free stuff in different cases?  I have seen those UDIS cupcakes but I have NOT tried them yet.  I like the ALDIs gluten free brownies and cookies. I want to eat as little  processed foods as possible and ONLY eat what I know.

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I have had several caustic conversations with store managers on the subject of lumping together products from brands that have both gluten and gluten-free varieties. Tate’s Cookies is a good example.  But the thing that gravels me most is the apparent idea that gluten-free and health foods are the same thing.  They mush them all together on an aisle often marked “gluten free.” The assumption is that if it is vegan it must be gluten free.

My grocery store has a freezer section marked Gluten Free.  Last time I looked there was NOT ONE gluten free item in it.  Just a gazillion different brands of vegetable burgers and other “plant based” goodies. And they have moved everything Udi into the regular frozen bread section  I wonder if they realize how much energy they are losing and paying for as we stand there with the freezer door open trying to read labels

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My son was diagnosed just before his second birthday. 

his symptoms pre diagnosis and whilst he still ate gluten were stomach bloating and horrendous diarrhoea. 
Now he follows a very strict gluten-free diet, and aged 5 if he is ever Glutened he reacts within an 2 hours of consuming food. He gets a sudden onset debilitating stomach cramps that cause him to scream and cry for 10-15 minutes followed by several hours of the worst projectile vomiting (today’s Episode was over the backseat of my car) I’ve ever seen from any child ever.

This is then followed by an hour or so of deep sleep, punctuated by mini vomits of water and bile before he slowly recovers. In total the whole episode lasts 8-10 hours but afterwards it’s like nothing happened! 


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