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Love cats and turtles, bike riding. Aliens/OBEs.

IgA Positive 2017, but did NOT give up gluten 'till 2019. Lol

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  1. I just looked up the symptoms of corn allergy. And I was having symptoms even 4 months ago but I don't think 6 months ago but maybe so. Bad weird head ache, itching, runny NOSE, that was a big one, and itching around the mouth. But the others was the immune attack to my stomach. Slight mild IBS...
  2. Yes and somebody else told me that as well. But I figured what the heck. Yes for sure I do NOT eat corn or rice or ANY grains anymore since I just figured it out I can't handle corn and or rice. I kept getting glutened on rice and corn. lol SO I am eliminating all grains now. I will just...
  3. There is NO support group in my town? doesn't look like it. Sad!!!! Hey for sure you are RIGHT. I am allergic to CORN!!! Maybe rice too. I only became sensitive to corn and rice the past 3 months. The first 3months after giving up gluten I was fine. I would eat the brownie (half a brownie...
  4. OK I was just going off of what that guy said on youtube. Let me get his name. He named the four big ones. I think he is an N D doc. Dr Osborne. He named off the big 4.
  5. MY head felt like it was on fire. Only thing I did was introduce Certified gluten-free brownies back in to my diet. lol
  6. You are NOT alone. I am going to a allergist soon to see if I have a problem with CORN, RICE, MILLET or SORGHUM. I keep getting glutening-like symptoms too without severe IBS or bloating. Those gluten free brownies I been eating has those in it. For celiacs, the four big ones that most...
  7. OMG ME TOO. Why? slight Nausea, slight hurting. Some days worse than others. Like past few days haven't noticed that but definitely some days I do.
  8. Thanks for that info. Well I guess like YOU, I get ataxia too where I shake so bad that it is like METH withdrawals or something. It lasts for like 30 minutes. I am glad you are well now. The O P apparently is NOT having horrid stomach pains yet upon eating gluten. Maybe she will get that then she...
  9. Omg, yes I heard they (dogs) are super expensive. And I am thinking about getting a sensor. Do you know anything about your tolerance? How do I know my tolerance would be 15PPM or less but then the sensor detects 20PPM or less. SO then if it detects 20PPM it would NOT be a good product for me...
  10. Ok thanks. I did find a phone number for the Mi Nina chips so I will call them.
  11. Exactly tests are ENOUGH. I am NOT about to go to any mainstream docs to get a "proper" diagnosis. I am my OWN doc. OR I go to N.D. docs but they are kinda worthless too. It is all common sense. I think I would know if I had a lot of damage to my villi. I know I have some damage as far as still...
  12. Will you just get her OFF all gluten FAST and see if that helps. OMG I can't imagine being so young and being celiac. All you got to do is have her tested with that saliva hormone panel test, A1g or something like that. Just buy a kit on AMAZON or go to a N D doc and tell her you want that...
  13. SO does NON grass fed beef have gluten in the beef? I just buy the organic grass fed beef at wal mart and sometimes I buy the square packages, (grass fed), but NOT organic. I never had a problem. But the yucky cheap beef I heard people have problems with the round -up. The meat is so disgusting at...
  14. I have been wearing Gentle Wear Physician Formula pressed face powder. Is it gluten free? Earlier I noticed some weird burning above my lip. I don't think I have experienced that before. So I don't know if I am becoming more sensitive to gluten. Thanks
  15. ok Thanks so much. Oh it was Lawrys season salt. I never reacted on it. I think walmart carries McCormick. I will buy those. I wonder about the spiced at ALDIS. Anybody have any reaction? On those organics? Or non organics? Like cayenne pepper etc? Yeah I want my spices back. I guess I got...