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gluten-free bed & breakfast (+ lunch, dinner) in Los Angeles?

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I'm curious if there is interest in a gluten free bed & breakfast/hotel stay in Los Angeles?

I live in Hollywood and have a small rental unit. Some of my neighbors run B & Bs out of their homes, which seems fun, but as I'm celiac, I'd like to do it gluten free :) 

I was thinking to go a bit above and beyond the traditional B & B, and offer warm breakfasts, packed lunches and snacks, and optional dinners. I'm in the heart of Hollywood, near a lot of tourist attractions!

There are two excellent restaurants nearby that offer trustworthy gluten-free foods. And of course many places that claim to offer gluten-free foods, but are not always successful (always my nightmare when I travel).

Do you think there would be interest in this? Where would I advertise for this / where do you look for travel places when you are planning a trip?



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I would imagine there would be a great interest in this.  LA is sadly lacking in dedicated gluten free restaurants.  Do your research.  Talk to other gluten-free bed and breakfast owners.  I stayed at an excellent one in Bath, England.  Join a few local celiac groups.  Consider advertising.  Also, contact Children’s and Kaiser.  Celiac family members who have family members in the hospital have few options of eating safely in Hollywood!  

Get a few books on marketing and make sure you have a business plan.  

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