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Need Help With Blood Results

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I have just recently started posting here because my middle son had a positive screening for celiac and is getting a biopsy in a week. They decided to screen me and I am freaked out that I came back positive to. My huband read me the results so I haven't seen them but this is what he said:

IgA endomysial is 17.9 and below 7 is normal for me

IgA gliadin is 107.3 and below 30 is normal for me

IgG was 22.5 but below 30 is normal for me.

So two positives and one negative, I think. I have very minimal sympotoms but how likely is it that we are both positive after the biopsy because of our blood work? I am in shock right now. I didn't expect mine to come back positive. And I can't get seen by gastro until July. I don' t know enough about the different screenings to know what these mean. Can anybody explain them to me? Thanks.

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i went gluten-free for my celiac daughter since she was nursing. I never thought I had symptoms either and presumed the disease came from my husband's family since he has type 1 diabetes. After going on the diet, however, the joint pain I'd had my entire life stopped. I had always had a lot of gas, but thought it was because I ate a lot of spicey foods and veggies, but it too has stopped. I always has these blistery breakouts that I now think were DH because they're so much better. I just didn't have any classic symptoms and I'm overweight, so I never considered it. I was accidentally glutened and felt sooooo bad. I knew then that I was the one with problems with gluten. I haven't had any tests, but I'm not willing to go back on gluten to find out anything that I already know.

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Thank you all for your responses. So the IgG was negative, what is that a screen for ? Or is it still a sign of Celiac's? I can't believe we have to wait so long to get seen by a Gastro doctor. Thanks for your help.

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