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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Hi From Australia And Where Can I

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Hello all :)

I have just moved to Sydney from London and am starting a Tea House with an edge!

This is not going to be all lace and quaint but a modern move to Tea drinking.

The reason for this post is that we are focusing on baked goods and meals that are Celiac friendly (I have an intolerance but nothing too serious myself!)

Baking at home is great, you have the time to make great pastry but in a Tea House - different story.

Can anyone recommend a company that makes 'Tart Shells'? I have suppliers for lots of wheat stuff but not one that does Gluten Free. I only really want the shells as we will be filling them ourselves!


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Hey Alfo, it's a while since your post so I may be way too late to answer your query.

Nevertheless, here goes. Basco products are great for coeliacs - check with the Coeliac Society of NSW for wholesale outlets etc and for other products that might suit. You could also list yourself with them as a gluten-free eating spot.

I hope your Tea House has green tea, macaroons, amarettos, almond-meal friands....where are you? I'd love to visit!

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Try a gourmet a market, I saw shells in my local one the other day.

I applaud you, most places seem to think that the only two gluten free cakes on the planet are orange and almond and the Jaffa one!

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