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Toddler Weight Gain?

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He was diagnosed at 15 months. Diagnosis was from positive results of gluten-free diet. Everything has turned around and is perfect except for his weight. He gained 1/2 pound right after dx and then lost it about a week ago. He hasnt gained anything since he was 8 months old except that 1/2 pound. Now it is gone and I am totally stressed! He has grown a full inch since diagnosis. I am happy about that.

So, how to make him gain. He cannot have eggs, gluten, we are vegetarian and prefer to be vegan. I cook everything of his in olive oil. Someone recommended coconut milk, avacodos (ever tried to get a 17 month old to eat avacado?), high in fat nuts. What else could I try?

How long does it take for him to put on some fat? He is such a skinny little person. Which is sad b/c up until 8 months he was my "chunky monkey" 23 pounds at 8 months, breastfed and healthy...then we started solid food!

Thanks everyone


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I know how hard it is when you're worried about your child's weight. My son is the same way that you described, but he does not have celiac. He also has gained less than a pound since he was 8 months and he will be 18 months in a few weeks. He isn't even 23 lbs yet.

My son eats all the time so I don't really have a problem that way. I have heard of avacado, but I don't know if a toddler would like it. Does he drink a soy milk or something? There are ones that are higher in calories and fat.

As hard as it is to do I would try not to worry too much. This is the age that do do slim down quite a bit and like I said, my non-celiac son is the same way so it may just be how he is.

Good luck. Being a mom is stressful, isn't it??

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