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  1. (con't) and now they want to wait another 3 months...that is half a year already. Follow your gut instincts on this. I would find a new doctor - check out http://www.thyroid-info.com/topdrs/index.htm if you haven't already.

  2. also - interestingly, when they do treat you for hypo, most docs aim to get your tsh to 1 or under...so...3.7 and even 2.62 could well be too high for her...esp. in light of her symptoms. Also - have they checked her for Crohns? It is NOT normal for a child to have the symptoms that you speak of and it is essential to figure out what is going on with her asap. she was first tested 3 months ago

  3. Hi, E. I'm new to this board. I was just diagnosed with hypothyroid earlier this year. It took 4 endo's to figure it out. I urge you to be aggressive in re: to your daughter. IMO it is absurd for the doc not to be addressing her thyroid issues during this time when she is developing. Good luck!