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Steroid Shot...could It Have Gluten And Would That Effect Me?

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On Sunday I had an allergic reaction to something and ended up going to Urgent Care for it. My throat was itching and it was more difficult to swallow. They gave me a steroid shot (solumedrol) and a 5 day pack of Medrol to take. It didn't even cross my mind to make sure the shot was gluten-free, but now I am wondering a couple of things. 1. Could that effect/hurt me if there was gluten in it? I guess the reason I didn't think about it is b/c I was not eating or swallowing it. 2. I had a severe migraine and diarrhea the following day (12 hours later). I couldn't even get off of the couch. Side effect of the steroid or gluten reaction? My sister thought it was odd b/c usually steroids make people feel very good, not the way I was feeling. I did call the Urgent Care dr back to check to see if I could skip the Medrol pack....I can't risk feeling like that for 5 days...I have kids to take care of, and he agreed that I shouldn't take them. I do have an appt. with my allergist tomorrow to address the new symptoms (itchy throat, harder time swallowing).

Anyone have any idea? TIA!

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Thanks guys...I appreciate the info.

Just another drug to add to my list of many that have some sort of nasty reaction...LOL!

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