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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


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We are still trying to figure out what is going on with my one year old son and celiac is something our GI Dr mentioned testing him for (along with hirschprungs) the last time we were in there so I am trying to gather more info before we got back June 1st. He's had problems with chronic constipation since he was pretty young but it got SIGNIFICANTLY worse at 5 months. Two things happened at 5 months... because of his poor weight gain we started supplementing him with formula (he'd been bf) and we started solids both to pack on weight. We had always thought the constipation was milk problem although so no improvement in the constipation when switching to Alimentum. He's has reflux and always spits up even still. He's very irritable and fussy but he's also had 8 ear infections in the past months (and tubes put in a month ago). His weight is in the 5-10th percentile and steadily dropping (he's only gained 4oz in the past 3 months). He's always been a very gassy baby which again we thought was milk related. When he poops now that he's on solid food it seems like everything comes straight through without being digested at all... I find whole pieces of everything he ate in his diapers and very little actual stool. We had allergy testing done on him because of the suspected milk allergy and everything came back negative (except peanut but thats a whole other issue). We got to green light to transition to whole milk and now are having alternating diarrhea and constipation in the same day??? Now I don't know what to think... I'd spent so long thinking this was all milk related! I always thought of straight diarrhea with celiac... is that wrong??? Are there other signgs and symptoms in a baby that I should be looking for??

ETA... he's been on Miralax daily since he was 8 months old for the constipation... we've had to up the dose several times now to keep him going.

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This all sounds so much like my daughter. We went through soooo much with her (even an unnecessary fundoplication surgery). If I could give you one piece of advice it would be this: Give him nothing but breast milk for a while and you go on the gluten free diet while nursing him. This literally saved my daughter's life. Formulas make her sooooo sick, and we have tried them all. The gluten in my breast milk was making her sick. The tests are very inconclusive for babies and this is an easy way to figure it out. What you eat goes straight to him, so this will help if gluten is the issue. If you feed him any real foods, make sure they are gluten free, but try to stick to breast milk if you can at all for a few days and then add things one at a time. I know it may sound nuts, but you will probably be amazed at the improvements if gluten is the issue. Doctors may discourage the idea (they thought I was nuts), but the improvements in her health cannot be argued with. Good luck and welcome to the board!

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