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Two Things - Maybe It's The Goats Milk, And - I Was Able To Help A Friend!

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:D <= huge grin!

I was talking with a friend who mentioned she'd been on a gluten free diet as a child. She looked very surprised when she saw my reaction! I urged her to go back gluten free because celiac doesn't go away...

Anyway, just recently saw the same friend again. Turns out, she'd been talking with her girlfriend, who it turns out, also was gluten free as a child! :blink: What a coincidence! Girlfriend #2 had taken this more seriously and gone back on gluten free again immediately. So I asked girlfrien#1 if she had, too. She said since they mostly ate the same food she was basically gluten free as well. So I asked her if she felt any different, and she said, not really, maybe more awake. HELLO...I told her brain fog was one of my first symptoms, and that she should pay attention to it. Left her looking thoughtful...she'll get there. :) I didn't give her a lecture, I'll just ask again in a few weeks or so...

And as to my candida problem... I'm starting to wonder if it isn't something else. Namely the goat's cheese I still have been eating. My doctor also wants to check my sugar, and test for airborne allregies, which I think is a good idea anyway. In the meantime, I've cut out the goats cheese...I think I might have been kidding myself that I could tolerate it, could be that I just could tolerate it for longer than cow's milk and now it's catching up with me. Sigh. I really like cheese... :( But I'm feeling all right at the moment, that's something. Getting compliments from people, in fact. :)

In a bit of a hurry, that's why I bundled two things into one post


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