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  1. I can't think of anything helpful to suggest, but I just wanted to send some good thoughts your way! Pauliina
  2. I play recorder, and I have gotten more careful about trying other people's recorders for sure. But I don't think the risk from the things you describe is all that big really, if you've replaced the old reeds. If a reed had some beer residue on it, I still don't think a lot of it would have gotten...
  3. I think checking for bacterial overgrowth is actually a very good idea. Many newly diagnosed celiacs have it and it can really slow down your recovery. Pauliina
  4. I had D before going gluten free, and yes, all kinds of strange things started to happen in the bathroom after that. It's been a little over a year, and in the last month or so I've started to have normal stools consistently. Pauliina
  5. Give it more time before you panic, Stephanie. It could be that with the vomiting and D that you just couldn't retain that much fluid before... Hopefully it'll improve when you start to heal. Pauliina
  6. This happens to me, too, and also about a week after being glutened. I try to always take some nuts and raisins or a banana with me, especially when I'm recovering from a glutening. And eat some protein at every meal. Gluten is a protein after all, if you leave it out, I figure something has to come...