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  1. I have a bunch of left over cranberry pulp from making sauce that I dont want to toss. does anyone have any recipes for it? like muffins or bread? I thought about boiling it with some water to make tea too....but the muffins sound pretty goood....just not sure what to put in them or if it would even work. I have pamelas baking/pancake mix....
  2. well I couldnt find anything on this brand or anything about some others that say 100% cornstarch- they say 100% pure but dont say anything about shared equipment. I did find some gluten-free cornstarch in the organic/gluten free section at wegmans...a tiny littl box for $2.19. better safe than sorry..... are companies required to list whether they make products on lines with wheat??? I was going to buy wegmans cornstarch....but it didnt have any info on it about equipment, so I wasnt sure.
  3. I dont even know if it is gluten related, but I had some pretty intense cramps this morning before work...then they went away when I got there. Later on I went on my break, ate, came back and started having the cramps again. I know its not something I ate today because the cramps are in the lower abdomen (starting in the middle with sharp burning pain that comes and goes) and i could hear bubbling- oh isnt that wonderful. SO I spent 30 mins in the bathroom at work after coming back from break- sitting on the toilet with cramps but there was nothing. I started getting chills and slighlty sweating. went back to work, then back to the bathroom with nothing. SO they told me I could go home because I really couldnt stand at a register with the pain that I was having. It wasnt consistent but would come and go....like just before you would get a bout of D..but there was no D. I'm just frustrated that I had to leave work early over STOMACH CRAMPS!! the only thing differant I ate yesterday was Tai Kitchen instant rice noodle soup.......its gluten free but I think all the additives in it may have caused a reaction.....grrrr...anyone ever have a prob with this soup??? I was literally crying in the bathroom at work b/c I was so frustrated....and the pain didnt help. and it figures now I get home and the pain is gone...just a slight burning feeling in my abdomen . blech!
  4. has anyone used this brand of cornstarch? I went to 4 differant stores and argo is all sold out. All other brands says they share equipment with wheat, but "Cream" cornstarch just say "corn starch" for the ingresient with no other labels/warnings...and there is no number to call the company...
  5. I had some of the left over dough in the freezer....took it out to thaw and made it again...it turned out better after frozen and I was able to knead it. interesting...
  6. sooo I figured I'd post the recipe.....althogh I dont measure the flour when I bake 2 eggs 6 tbs unsalted butter 3/4c milk 1/4 c water 1/4 c sugar 1 tsp vingegar 1 packet of active dry yeast Pamelas baking and pancake mix mix the yeast with warm water ( I usually put in some sugar and salt) set aside until it get bubbly or foamy warm the milk on the stove (dont make it hot!) blend butter, egg, sugar and vinegar till smooth combine the yeast and milk mixture add some flour to the egg/sugar mixture and then add some of the milk/yeast mixture keep adding and blending this way until the dough is sticky and can form a ball....it may be too sticky to use your hands- I found that wetting my hand a bit made it workable. I really dont know how much flour I usd lol- it was probably around 3 1/3 cups....???maybe more I dunno!! let the dough rise until double the size knead and then form into balls for rolls place on a greased baking sheet and let rise again then bake @ 400 until golden brown good luck? lol
  7. thanks the rolls are really good, especially right outta the oven with melted butteron them...mmm if I had the money I would be experimenting with the recipe everyday. I have a feeling that tapioca flour would be the trick. I buy light tapioca bread by "ener-g" and it is the closest texture to real bread I've had...at least toasted anyway. ...not saying its the best gluten-free bread I've had haha. but I'm definitly usin it for my thanksgiving stuffing. I'm going to attempt the rolls again on thanksgiving
  8. thanks even if there is xanthan gum already in pamelas mix?
  9. OK. So i made gluten-free rolls for the first time ever since going gluten-free. I didnt follow a recipe but just did what I used to when making glutenous rolls, only, I used pamelas baking and pancake mix and added a tsp. of vineger. They turned out really tasty and have a lot of texture, but are more like a biscuit than a roll! is there any way to make them lighter and more like gluten rolls? I wasnt sure if I shouldve kneaded the dough or not. I kept it really sticky b/c I figured it would just turn into a rock if i added more flour. It definitly wasnt a disaster and my mom even like them......just want to improve on it. here's a pic My first attempt at rolls
  10. There are a few brands in the store that make gluten free cream of mushroom soup in a carton. Wegmans has thier own brand that is also gluten-free. was thinking of just buying this and then adding cornstarch to thicken it. do you think it would work?
  11. I say for a while, take ALL processed foods out of the diet and eat nothing but whole foods. It sucks at first, but really, this is the only thing that had worked for me. I also got more mucus in my stools after going gluten-free, but it cleared up when I stopped all the specialty gluten-free foods, I think sometimes they are just as bad as glutenous foods depending how often you eat them. I gradually started adding certain foods back into my diet when my system felt more normal. Some things I can now tolerate and others I cant. it takes a LOONG time, but eating a diet mostly of whole ffods now is what has saved me. oh, I also drink kombucha, take probiotics and drink distilled water. I have definitly noticed improvement in how I feel by avoiding tap water!!!
  12. does anyone know the status for Betty Crockers frostings? I know the ingredient list is self explanitory, but the whole CC is what I'm wondering because som of thier other frostings have wheat in them. I was in the store tonight looking at the ingredients, gluten or no gluten, based on the LOOONG ingredient list of CRAP, I decided just to buy some powdered sugar and make my own!!!! I just dont like the idea of all those chemicals and whatever else going into my body, gluten or not.
  13. How many years have you been trying to live a gluten-free life? 1 1/2 How often or many times do you think you've been hit with wheat? since then a handful of times. a couple times were severe others were just mild CC Anyone been diagnosed with cancer, kidney or liver problems? nope Have you ever said "what the hell" and just ate something you aren't supposed to? no, although I admit to say "what the hell" sometimes to foods that MAY possibly be contaminated- usually only when I'm really hungry to the point where I feel naucious. but I'm usually under the influence of alcohol when this happens I also wwas never officially diagnosed. What is your age? 23
  14. I've never had a problem and I play clarinet. Actually, I ran out of cork grees and used vaseline- works just as well
  15. WOW! thanks so much for posting this! The allergen free box is $23 now! I looked it up on the site and there is a host site 1 mile down the road from me!!!! definitly placing an order
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