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  1. I've never had a problem and I play clarinet. Actually, I ran out of cork grees and used vaseline- works just as well
  2. eeek! I've been having something similar.....small white globs in my stool, but there usually are only a few.....hmmm.....
  3. thanks, thats what i was thinking too. beer has a lower gluten content in it too, although I'm not so sure about the crappy killians they were giving us for free at the gig-lol I think I'm going to buy some wet wipes, or whatever they call them. I'll look like a germ freak, but oh well, better...
  4. I dunno if anyone else in here plays an instrument, but I am a musician and I play gigs out with other people, in bars and places where people eat and drink. Before finding out I was Gluten intolerant, I would drink beer while i played gigs...sometimes I would eat stuff..... I play clarinet,...
  5. I was wondering what this is all about. I went gluten free for a few weeks and felt great, but my lower back started aching me really bad, its worse when I lay down at night, but goes away by morning. I went back on gluten for a "test" just for a few days and the pain went away, but all my other...