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Good Experience At Charlie Browns

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Ok, now Charlie Browns is not my favorite restaurant. The one here just doesnt taste that great. I have to admit though for a celiac, at least at the one near me in NJ, I got great service.

I told our waitress that I was gluten free and needed a menu. She promptly went and got me one. We ordered. I ordered and reminded her that I am gluten free. I got a house salad from the back instead of braving the huge salad bar. Now our waitress was running around like crazy. She brought my salad, it had croutons on it. I told her that I cant eat that with the croutons, without a second glance, she took it back and made a fresh salad and apologized

Now for our dinners, everyone elses came out and I was still waiting. Everyone else was half way thru their dinner when she finally came over and said yours hasnt come out yet? She went right into the back to find out what is going on. It turns out they made my prime rib totally wrong. The manager of the restaurant came out and explained to me that they were worried about cc. She said they literally started my whole dinner over again. The chefs didnt know enough about gluten free to let it slide. The manager took care of it herself.

I did finally get my meal. And the food was ok. Again, I am not a big fan of theirs anyway. But even through all the confusion, I got my meal, I didnt get sick, and I wasnt charged for the meal.

The manager came out apologizing profusely at least 3 times, as did the waitress. I am going to send a letter to their corporate office today. Again, its just b/c they cared.

Whew! sorry to have carried on a bit here, just needed to get it out. I get so excited when I get a positive response to my needs!

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It is awesome that they went to those lengths. I get really excited when I get those type of responses too.

I emailed a restaurant that we want to visit when we go on vacation the other day and the manager not only sent me an email right back, but called me to go over the menu and spent a good 10 minutes with me on the phone!!! I was very impressed. I hope that the experience dining there is just as good!

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