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...BUT... he did say that he wanted a biopsy done and that would mean back on gluten when the GI called me.

Not necessarily, my son haden't had any gluten in his system for 4 weeks when they did the biopsy and they were able to make a possitive diagnosis and there was still signifigant damage.

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Congrats that your daughter is feeling better! It must be such a relief to you.

If the doctor asks you to put her back on gluten, think about what a positive or negative diagnosis would mean to you. A positive would only confirm what you already know. And if you get a negative diagnosis? I'm betting you'll still keep her gluten-free. A negative diagnosis only means that you're lucky she doesn't have that much intestinal damage yet. So no matter what the result she's going to be gluten-free so why would you want to make her sick for another month and delay her healing?

Gluten-Free since September 15, 2005.

Peanut-Free since July 2006.

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