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Low Urine Output After Eating Bread?

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Hi all!! :)

I drink a good amount of fluids throughout the day. If I have bread for lunch (ie a sandwich), then my body seems to stop producing urine and I just dont need to go to the toilet for about 5 hours at which point I'll pass a small amount of very dark urine. Will then function normally in the evening with larger clearer urinations. I am drinking plenty and will drink more and more all afternoon!

If I go through exactly the same day (ie going to work, sitting at the desk all day, drinking exactly the same amounts) but dont have bread for lunch, and have a salad or a baked potato then I will be urinating about every 60minutes all afternoon and it'll be clear and colourless.

Is this a common symptom of a wheat problem?

A bit more history....

I've been a bit unwell for the last few years. It started with increasing from my usual 1 bowel movement a day to 2 or 3 (but since then I've been back to once a day), but then I got hit with frequent urination, which was diagnosed as chronic prostatitis (with unknown cause). I've had other symptoms like an itchy rash on the tops of my feet and lower legs, used to come on first thing in the morning. But not continuous. Grainy skin. Tiredness and muscle aches, headaches & blurry vision. Just general run downness! Gurgling stomach and bloating, sometimes constipation, a couple of spells of diarrhoea but nothing significant. Bowel pain.

Then I did a YorkTest and find I was majorly intolerant to milk and eggs. Thought this was it, but after cutting both of these out my symptoms all improved a lot but were still there. I get a stinking headache and the runs if I have milk.

If I have very yeasty bread straight fresh from a bakers rather than from a supermarket I get a sleepy/dozy headache kind of feeling for an hour or so. But not on normal cheap bread....

Sometimes I wonder if I've got some liver or inflammatory bowel disease that is causing all this.

I do wonder if it could be celiac but I really dont suffer from diarrhoea or major constipation. But this thing with urine output after eating bread seems a real clue so interested in your opinions.

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it sounds as if you have a number of conditions... I am not a doctor, but it would be most likely that the urination issues are related to the prostate. Urinating every 60 minutes is more concerning than not going for 5 hours and passing dark urine. You say the urine you pass frequently is clear - and you pass dark urine when it is held longer - when you say "dark urine"...does it appear dark in contrast to the other samples or is it dark yellow/orange or brown? Patients with prostate issues can pass dark urine intermittently becasue it contains blood from the inflammed prostate.

Have you submitted urine to your doctor - both samples - the dilute ones and the more concentrated one?

You say you are intolerant to milk - "good bread" from bakeries is usually made with milk and eggs! The "cheaper brands as you call them are produced in mass amounts and may use egg substitutes and/or water.

If you are concerned about celiac or wheat allergy or gluten intolerance. I suggest you can either talk to your doctor about testing OR try diet elimination on your own. Beware of dairy in many baked goods.

Wheat can affect any system and it is possible that it may be affecting your urine, but if you have a known problem with dairy - then check ingredients in the bread.



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celiac 2004 - by endoscopy

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celiac - 2004 by endoscopy

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I've had my prostate problems well and truly checked out and told it is chronic, unknown cause, but not serious. Even had "The Scope" :blink: Basically they dont know what causes it, but its not life threatening! The inflamation of the prostate means my bladder is not very stretchy so cant hold much more than 60mins worth.

But this is different. Urinating every 60mins is normal for me. But after I have bread at lunchtime I dont need to urinate for 5 hours, even though I'm drinking lots. And then I produce a small amount of dark yellow urine. Basically it is exactly like I'm becoming very dehydrated except I'm drinking lots, not exercising/sweating and if I behave in exactly the same way just not eat bread at lunchtime then I'll urinate clear every 60mins!

Perhaps it nothing, just seems a big difference and very repeatable just by having bread!



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