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Serotonin Power Diet - New Book

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Hi all,

I'm a nutritionist who specializes in food intolerance diets and am starting to advise people on the new book, The Serotonin Power Diet. It seems easy to do it gluten free and the idea that boosting your serotonin with carbs to turn off your appetite and to improve your mood seems like a great win-win situation. (It's also backed up by published studies from the likes of MIT...)

Has anyone tried it yet gluten-free? Has it helped with initial cravings when weaning off gluten, since these initial cravings can be so intense?

I'm be interested in your feedback so I can better help my clients with it.

Thanks so much!

- Alix Mayer


Gluten-free since 1999

Food Intolerance-free since 2004

Negative celiac blood tests - 1999

Positive Enterolab gluten intolerance test - 1999/2000

Positive Food intolerance test - York/Optimum Health Resource Lab - 2004

Awaiting re-testing from York/OHRL - 2007

Diagnosed with: gluten intolerance, food intolerances, lupus, chronic lyme, high titers to HHV6 and EBV. That's all. Doing great on food intolerance avoidance diet!

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Hello all,

I'm Michelle, and i've been gluten free since march 2007. how does being gluten free affect serotonin levels? i understood that you can only get it from weat products, and that lack of it may lead to many unpleasant disorders. are there food supplements that contain serotonin, and should i be concerned about it's intake at all?

please reply ASAP

Michelle Zisman


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