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Sugar Kisses Pastry Shop

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I was just listening to the radio on my way to work, and they brought the

big DJ Mojo a b-day cake and you ould tell he wasn't that excited. But then his co-host says "don't

worry, I had Sugar Kisses bakery open special for you - it's totally gluten free!!" Mojo was so excited and I was too! I think it's great they talk about it so freely! And I put

the radio on at work, so I can pretend to be eating the cake when they

have it too :-)

Has anyone tried this place?

Sugar Kisses Pastry Shop, 1025 S. Washington, Royal Oak MI 48067



Oh, and I hear they do vegan too. Anyone up for a road trip??? :P

Ev in Michigan

GFDF since 8/20/05

Negative Bloodwork ~

Dr. encourages me to trust my

"Gut Reaction"

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I also heard that Mojo was talking about some gluten free pizza place in downtown Detroit. Anyone hear of this? One of my sisters heard it while driving to work but she can't remember the name of the restaurant.

I was in Royal Oak visiting my sister when I first cut wheat out of my diet. My boyfriend (who is vegan) and I walked up to Sugar Kisses and we both instantly fell in love. I could get all sorts of gluten free goodies and he was able to be all sorts of vegan goodies!! What a wonderful place!

I heard Mojo get diagnosed recently. This must be the first gluten free birthday.

I have been to sugar kisses yet.


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