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(scratches head and looks stupid) If we buy the product through your link do you make any money from the sale? Not that I'm against anybody making money... (and no,before anybody asks... I don't own any stock in Caphosol :lol: )

Interesting company, I'd never heard of it before-looks like they have a money back policy in place now, if you used the product previously and were unhappy....


Two weeks after being sued, Mannatech released new sales and marketing guidelines for its associates, including an order to immediately stop using questionable materials. The attorney general had said Mannatech's "deceptive practices" pose a health risk to seriously ill consumers. Mannatech also announced a satisfaction-guaranteed refund policy for customers after the suit was filed.

The company has long employed Web crawlers to search the Internet for new Mannatech Web pages set up by its growing league of sales associates; "but we've stepped it up" in light of the lawsuit, Mr. Persinger said.

"Our associates can not make disease claims, but there are a lot of associates out there and laws are different around the world on what you can say on Web sites," he said.

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Yes, why the hostility?! That is not what I was asking for. Gentleheart has been very kind in her exchanges and, to me, has been giving thoughtful information that has been helpful to me. I do not feel that she is forcing any product on us, at all.

I bumped this thread because I wanted credible information refuting what Mannatech claims. Not a witch-hunt. I have read opinions of drs. from Johns Hopkins and other hospitals, athletes, someone from the patent office. Most were "looking" to refute their product, and ended up realizing that it's a good product.

Emma ~ thanks for the thoughtful response. I will look at those websites that you listed.

I can appreciate the good, kind, helpful sharing of information going on here in this thread. After all, that is the whole point of this forum.

My family started on the glyconutrients products back in late 2004 because someone was kind enough to share with us.

After using the products for a couple of months.... I noticed nothing myself, but my siblings and mother had great results. For me, it was not until after using enough of the products regularly for about 6 months before I noticed some difference... in areas that I did not even expect. I love the products.

After a couple of years of being on the products, we started to share them with others. So now, I love the mlm model, because it has not only allowed us to get some incredibly amazing products free (paid for through the referral program) for my whole family, but we have been able to share the gift of free wellness supplements with others for years now.

In fact, I have several friends whom have never referred it the products to anyone...ever, but they have gotten thousands of dollars in checks to their house over the past year which has allowed them to eat the glyconutrients without paying. This happened because of the way that the sharing business model is setup, it allowed me to place my new referrals under customers and friends of mine who were only eating the products. It was fun to have a friend call me up and say, "hey, how did I get a check for $300 this month when I have never referred anybody?"

Even without their "free wellness products for life" program, I would still use and share the products because I love them, what the products have done for my family, and I love the company and the 'heart' that the company has.

That is my 2 cents.

All from my own experience.

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On 6/16/2007 at 3:03 AM, debmidge said:

I am not familiar with Mannatech or glyco nutrients....if you have a moment could you give some info as maybe others don't know and would want to try this or find that they should be using this, etc.


I read some of the link but I always like to hear from the info from the person who really uses the stuff......




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