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Bloating, Weight Gain, Cramps Dreading The Dr Runaround Again

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I've been gluten free now for a year and a half, my daughter's been gluten-free for a year now. In the past 3-4 weeks I've been experiencing sudden onsets of severe abdominal pain, constant bloating, nausea, vomiting, fatigue. At first I thought it was a stomach flu than maybe stress. I studied my diet and found no triggers lactose, soy, corn, and really feel that this feeling is different than the previous celiac symptoms My biggest issue is having to deal with the dr's. I was diagnosed by a specialist in rheumotology after pure frustration with my dr. severe joint pain, fatigue, and just in general feeling crappy. My daughter was diagnosed as having IBS by her doctor and I had her tested thru enterolab and found she had a gluten sensitivity. Since following a gluten-free diet she is doing well physically and mentally (she made high honor roll when previously she struggled to maintain a 80 and was diagnosed Learning Disabled. She has since been declassified)

This october I watched my father die from complications from celiac and had to advocate for his best treatment in the hospital and explain to his dietician what he could eat and not eat. Some people and dr's were very understanding but others were basically horrible.

I guess my question is Is anyone else feeling as frustrated as I am? or had similar symptoms. My last dr visit ended with my dr. saying "well your symptoms are complicated and we need to do further tests?" for once I'd like to have something easy go wrong and not to have to wait for tests only to wait for more tests and more tests. I honestly thought all that was over with...

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Welcome Terrydavis,

Without a concern, you would not have found you way here. I would recommend that you read as much as you can from these posts. They hold an emense amount of knowledge and research. All you would want to know about Celiac is here on this side.

Triggers for Celiac are not always known to us, but most are pre-disposed.

If you have has a sudden onset of symptoms, you need to revisit what you eat and everything that goes into your mouth, including shampoos, lotions. New meds need to be checked through the manufacturers. After you have done that and symptoms are constant, you may want to pursue further testing. Not all roads lead to Celiac, and may can morf into other things.

An informed doctor can be helpful.

I am glad that you daughter has been successful and tip the nose to those who thought other wise.!

Is this frustrating, yeah, there are 15,000 on this site alone. 3 million people in the US alone, that we know about.

You do not stand alone.

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