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irish daveyboy

Having Trouble With The Forum

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I hope somebody in their wisdom can help ?


Since yesterday when I log on to Glutenfreeforum.com, all the header, advertising

Create topic, Quote, Reply notifications are missing, so basically I cant access the regular

options while using Mozilla FireFox and Google as a Browser.


All other sites gluten-free MALL etc all have the headers and order options etc? and seem fine.


SO what's wrong ?? I've tried going into the options box and changing mode from standard to linear and back again no difference!


I can log - on and see all the headers, options and can post and add replies IF I ACCESS

VIA INTERNET EXPLORER and YAHOO as a browser ? I've enabled pop-ups and cookies for

this forum in Mozilla FireFox, so that's not it




Thanking you in advance,

Best Regards,



P.S. I'm Posting this only because I entered via Explorer and Yahoo.


Chronically Ill and lost 56lbs in 3 Months Prior to Diagnosis.

Diagnosed in Nov 2005 after Biopsy and Blood Tests

Cannot tolerate Codex Wheat Starch.

Self Taught Baker.

Bake everything from scratch using naturally gluten-free ingredients.

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

I believe in the upper right hand corner of the box you read there is an options togggle bar. Not sure if this is your problem but you may have to reset it to standard or something like that. I saw this a few weeks ago when someone else had a similar problem. Hope tis helps. I am fairly new to this as well and have learned a lot just from reading. Others will come along and read that know exactly what is wrong and can walk you through it step for step.


Mom of four boys

Nana to three granddaughters

Diagnosed with Celiac January 2006 after positive biopsy and follow up with positive blood tests

Diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome March 2006 after ruling out so many other things

Vitamin B12 deficiency October 2006

Oldest son diagnosed Celiac June 2006 also diagnosed type one diabetic November 2002

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