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Easiest Thin Crust "pizza" Ever!

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Today my daughter was begging me for pizza, but I didn't have any pizza pans clean. I didn't have any tortillas to make a quick pizza either. Anyway, I just stocked up on Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins (her favorite cracker) and I thought I'd try making it on those. I spread them out on a cookie sheet and sprinkled some mozzerella over them, then topped each one with one Hormel pepperoni. I baked them for about 5 minutes at about 390. They are SO good!!! I gave her ketchup to dip them in (though I could have used pizza sauce) and she's not even bothering with it because they just taste SO good!!!

So.... Next time you're craving pizza and don't have the stuff to make it, go ahead and give this a shot. It would also make an awesome party appetizer or Super Bowl treat!


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