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Spasms & Dr's Visit Outcome

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I wished to thank everyone for all the help you have given me in the last few days. I am feeling stronger and ready to accept my fate. Your comments help me talking with my doctor about the surgery is planing on doing ASSP. My hiatal hernia has ruptured again. The herina is on the back side of the throat. This is the 3rd time. He said he has had failures after the first repair but never the after the 2nd repair. I was keep in the hospital the last time for 3 weeks because my stomach & intestines were jumping all the time. I was so doped up that I didn't realized they were doing that. I all knew I couldn't eat. He feels the rupture is occurring because of the spasms. I have been complaining about them since before 2002 and I was taken seriously. My husband asked about gluten-free medicines and the look on his. I could just feel that he suddenly understood what I am been talking about. Everything will be gluten-free and I will take my own soap, etc with me. I don't used body powder, so does any one know a gluten-free powder. The hospital used Johnson Baby Powder the last. He will put in a pain pump, a feeding tube. Four hours in surgery, 2 weeks in the hospital and if all goes well I should be better in about a month.

The first post I read was about bladder spasms and that may be the answer to my intestinal spams. I am doing do some research and will mention cystitis to my doctor.

I feel good about this doctor learning about celiac disease. My first surgery, I was told I needed more fiber as in grains. Yesterday, he finally realize what I was talking in regards to celiac disease. He does a lot of teaching in the area. This doctor cares for his patients you can tell when you talk with him. I couldn't have a better surgeon.


Betty L.

Meridian, ID

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