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Where Do I Start?

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I apologize for my earlier response, it was before I read about your other sensitivities. But, yes I agree, try the diet, and call the drug companies to ensure the drugs are gluten free if you insist on trying them. For many kids, gluten is an addiction and makes all so much worse for them.

Make a huge deal about anything he tries, my friend calls it "no thank you bites" Her kids have to try it, but can say no thank you if they do, and don't like it.

Make a deal with him that you are going to try this together. Don't eat forbidden foods in front of him. Chart what he eats on a list and when he tries 10 new things he gets a prize..... or an extra book etc. You get the idea.

Keep a log for yourself of what he eats and what his symptoms are and what the outcome is on a daily basis for two weeks (I read somewhere that's what it takes to detox in the first stage). Then evaluate with your partner and challenge the doc with the results. I agree on the smoothie thing. They make great popsicles. You can also mix flax seed meal into other things he likes or use flax seed oil on the bread instead of butter (don't heat it too hot, put it on after toasting).

Glutino makes cheerio type cereals my kids like and they are sweet (not sure if dairy free).

Also Whole Foods just came out with whole new line of gluten-free mixes.... I just bought two. they seem to mimic the GFPantry line and are cheaper. Yay Whole Foods.

Offer, don't pressure new foods, he will try if he sees others trying things.

Good luck


Mom in Rhode Island with two girls ages 4.5 and 7.5.

4.5 yr old diagnosed w/ blood test 12/2006

Chiropractor diagnosed it before that.

Extensive family history of Celiac

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I just wanted to add a note on the popsicles... We do the same thing here because my daughter is very picky and won't eat most fruits and veggies. We add carrots to the popsicles and they just blend right in with the other flavors. You can't taste them at all. Beets are also easy to add in without adding flavor. Mild and/or sweet veggies are best for mixing.


Gluten free since May 2004

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