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Hello Everyone!

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Hi! I just found this board, believe it or not. I started reading the begining threads of this blog, or whatever it would be called, (I'm not familar with all the internet terms.) and I learned some incredible news. I have been diagnosed with celiac for about 12 years now. Once I started eating gluten free, I felt better but the weight just stuck to me. I couldn't get it to budge. I emailed a Doctor and told him of my situation. He was also celiac and told me that he had other patients like me, who were overweight, pcos, and hypothyroid. He told me that his patients who had celiac and thyroid problems are unable to lose weight and would never be able to lose weight. When I read his response I was mortified that I would never be able to lose weight. I became a little irritated with him and challenged him by saying, "Come hell or high water...I will lose this weight!" Well 12 years have passed and I'm still overweight. It has taken me over two years just to lose 50 lbs. Now, I know that's a good thing...but over 2 years...I should have lost it all in that time. I see now that what I've been doing wrong is over-eating rice, corn and potatoes. Why I didn't think of it before is amazing to me. I guess I just couldn't figure it out because I had been eating so healthy. I didn't eat much candy, chips, ice cream and seldom any gluten-free baked goods. However, I ate a ton of rice, corn and potatoes. Rice at almost every meal. I've even started and sadly stopped exercise programs because I just could not lose my belly. I would become discouraged. Well, I've started an exercise routine again this summer and I will begin this low carb diet. I hope its okay to join your group. I would love to be kept accountable. I really want to lose this weight. I'm turning 40 next month and I would love to have a better body than I had in my 20's.

I'm so glad that I found this. It opened my eyes!



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