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Vitamins & Immune System

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I have been led to understand that it can be ... not-recommended to try to specifically boost the activity of the immune system for celiacs if there is any chance that they could get gluten. vitamins, iirc, don't directly boost the activity of the immune system, however, but make resources more available for it, and shouldn't be a problem. things like echinacea, which seem to function more directly on the immune system, I've heard recommendations against.

I would suspect, however, that if you can be completely confident of remaining gluten free (which would mean not eating packaged food, shared facility food, restaurant food, or any food out of your control) then there's probably much less concern. The main issue is that if you are taking things that boost the immune system directly, and you get glutened, you will also be enhancing the damage to the intestines.

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