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blue dove

Weight Keeps Comming Back

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Hi, sorry you're having a hard time with weight. I've lost 100+ pounds and kept it off for about 10 years, so I understand the work that it takes. Here are my questions for you to help you figure out what more you could do.

-How consistent are you in your diet and with your workouts?

-Do you use anything like www.fitday.com to keep track of what you're eating?

-Do you measure your food?

-Have you talked to a dietician?

-Are you eating/drinking empty calories?

-Are you being completely, 100% honest with yourself about what and how much you're eating? (I did that a lot, but then realized that even if I tried to deny it, I'd eaten the calories.)

-How active are you outside of the gym (if you go to one)?

-When you think of food in general, what sorts of concepts come to mind? For example, comfort, fuel, family, gatherings, enjoyment, etc.

-How much water are you drinking?

I'll stop there, but those are the types of things that will make or break long-term weight loss.


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You also didn't mention how old you are. Sorry, not trying to be rude, but age is a major factor in weight loss. I'm 51, and starting menopause. I've been stuck at the same weight plateau for a year. I just started Bio Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) to assist in getting the weight off. My doc said being unable to lose weight is a testosterone deficiency. I was surprised because I didn't know that women needed testosterone. I'm on a protocol of Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone. I just started it and I'm starting my second week. According to Suzanne Somers, once the hormones are balanced, the weight will come off. :)

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