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Adult Add/adderall

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My brother-in-law has many learning disabilities, of which ADD is one. He is 27 years old and lives with his mother. His mother recently made the decision to have him take Adderall to help with ADD symptoms.

The last several months here I have read SO much about treating such things with a dietary change, such as gluten-free/CF. My opinion is that at least TRYING to change his diet before medicating would be a first-resort and my husband (it is his bro with the problems) is VERY against medicating for ADD.

If he were my child, I would try gluten-free/CF before medicating for sure (although getting him to stick to the diet would DEFINITELY be a chore).

Does anyone have any experience with an adult with true ADD and taking Adderalll? Anyone treat ADD (in an adult or child) through dietary modifications (such as gluten-free/casein-free) or other non-medicated methods?

As far as I know, it is true ADD and not ADHD. He also has some other developmental disabilities and is generally a bit slow. He has the mentality of about a 15 year old boy, but is 27. His disabilities are also not on the Autism spectrum, but I'm not sure the names of his other diagnosed issues (I'm trying to get them from hubby).

Anyway, any thoughts from any of you would be helpful (and I apologize if I haven't posted this in the right place, so mods feel free to move it where it might belong).

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