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Xanthan And Guar Gum Substitutes

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Well, guar gum is a soluble fiber, which from what I've read is expected to have the opposite effect than that of insoluble fiber, often used in laxatives. But if for whatever reason it doesn't agree with your system, there may be a few alternatives you can try. I just read recently that gelatin can have gluten, but I haven't done any digging to verify.

If I understand correctly, xanthan is a protein, which one would think isn't going to effect the digestive system in the same way as a fiber. That's not to say you won't react to it for whatever reason. I've read most xanthan in the US is grow on corn, so there may be allergy concerns there too.

Agar Agar might work, as it is often referred to as a vegetable gelatin of sorts. However, it does require heating/cooking in order to gel, and it does melt at oven temperatures. So I suppose it is likely to work about the same as gelatin.

Lecithin is a very popular emulsifier, though I'm not sure it would work alone.

Fruit pectin is another item which might work in some cases.

Here is a Wikipedia article on natural gums: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_gum

BTW, what else was in the recipe you used with guar gum?

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