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On 4/29/2008 at 5:11 AM, mysecretcurse said:

Well I'm finally facing the fact that sadly, chickpeas are off the list.

No matter what, I get sick, drained, HORRIBLE feeling when I eat them.

I have no idea why and I tried to deny it for the longest time as

I'm gluten free and vegetarian and there is so little I can eat. Chickpeas

were a big staple food for me in the past, but I started noticing the connection

to feeling bad and eating them so I gave them up for a long time.

Then I began testing, and sure enough, on the days I ate them I began

feeling depressed, drained, sick to my stomach and developing new

facial breakouts within the hour. In fact I seem even more bothered by them

than I am gluten! Gluten at least takes a few hours or more.


This sucks! :(

Lectins!  Look up lectin intolerance (hint: gluten is a lectin). Huge in legumes. I love my hummus and haven’t noticed this but I do react to beans generally and peanuts. Time for a hummus experiment. 

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