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I'm A Noob, But This Ticks Me Off!

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At McDonald's I usually get a salad. The first time I went there after being diagnosed I got the asian salad and poured the dressing all over the salad without even thinking. I read the back of the package as I was about to take a bite and saw that there was wheat in it. I took the salad and everything back up to the counter and told a worker that I had just bought the salad, put the dressing on, read the package and found out about the wheat. I just told him I have a very strong allergy towards wheat. He gladly gave me a brand new salad and brought me all of the gluten-free salad dressings they had and let me choose one. I usually get the asian salad with their french dressing now. I have never been sick from that combo and usually feel really good afterwards. I was surprised at how easy it was with the whole deal but it totally gave me a new perspective on McDonald's. It made me feel so good. :D

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