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Disappointing Experience In San Antonio

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We were meeting some friends for lunch and they picked the restaurant. Canyon Cafe in the Quarry. Anyway, I contact the restaurant and tell them that I have Celiac and do they offer a gluten free menu. No, they don't offer a menu, but ask to speak to the manager because almost everything on their menu can be made gluten-free.

So, I ask to speak to the manager, told he is unavailable. Tell the waiter that I need a gluten-free plate, could the chef come out and talk about this. Then the waiter comes back and just says the fish and the salads SHOULD be fine. I ordered a salad- dang, am I getting sick of salads (I'm allergic to shellfish and fish).

I was frustrated that no one was there to help me and answer my questions. Apparently, it all worked out because I didn't have a reaction.

Well, we won't be going there again!


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If you want some place cheaper you can go to Bill Miller's BBQ. All their BBQed meats, veggies, drinks, BBQ sauce, are gluten free. You can ask them to put the meat directly on a plate instead of the sideboard and you can even have fruit salad for dessert.

You can also go to Olive Garden. I have been to the one at Ingram and if you tell the waitstaff that you need to speak with the chef they will come out talk with you and supervise your dinner to make sure it doesn't get gluten.

Yellow Rose

27 years of misdiognoses

seziures summer of 1979 lasted 10 years had maybe a dozen in that time Dr.s never could find what was causing them blamed it on lack of sleep and maybe nutrasweet

rheumatoid arthritis May 1980

wrist joint replacement Jan 1984

fibromyalgia May 1980

insomnia since the 80's

diarrhea 1995-2000 blamed on arthritis meds

Crohn's 1998 after two operations to fix fissures caused by the diarrhea

Other symptons over the last 27 years that have been treated for symptoms not causes:

depression, anemia, constipation, tooth discoloration, tremors in hands, tingling and numbness in feet and hands, fatigue, high blood pressure due to arthritus meds, flushing in face, severe muscle pain and thinking I was going crazy thanks to Dr.'s attitudes.

After diognoses my mother tells me I have an aunt and a cousin with Celiac. Mother tested negative but thinks she is intolerant to wheat and is changing her diet.

Suspect all three of my children have it as well but still trying to convince them to go get tested.

In answer to my prayer, "Lord Please Heal My Broken Body". May 2007 Celiac antibody test positive

Matthew 7: 8 Ask and ye shall receive, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

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