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Joints Ache!

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My hip has been hurting (almost constant sharp pain radiating to knee) for about a month. I have a bad back so it does hurt off and on for years. But today most of my joints ache/weak. Shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, neck. Especially my wrists. Now I'm wondering if the hip is related.

These aches are new. I made a huge mistake and was most likely glutened. But I had no immediate reaction.

It has been 3 and 4 days ago that I was out of town and ate at unfamiliar restaraunts. I am wondering if anyone else has the joint aches and weakness from eating gluten? Or is it unrelated and I have a "wonderful new problem" to think about?





Antigliadin IgA [pos.]

Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA [pos.]

Anti-Casein IgA antibody [pos.] {how very sad}

HLA-DQ3 (subtype 8)

HLA-DQ3 (subtype 7)

Gluten free 3/18/07

Casein (very light) 3/18/07

constipation/dysmotility since birth

severe headaches 11/83

hypothyroidism 4/00

B-12 defficiency 10/04

"GERD" 1/06 "Gastritis" 3/06

"IBS" (forever) 3/06

depression w/ pain 4/06

iron defficiency anemia (off and on forever) 12/06

celiac disease 3/07


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Yes, I have the same problems too. When I get gluten by accident I have joint pains and tingling in my toes and extreme fatigue but not the same day. The whole thing starts the day after and lasts for about 3 or more days. It sounds like my problem, but of course I am not a doctor. If it goes on for a long time maybe you can check if there is an other problem. I am sure everything is ok, and you just had some gluten.



Celiac September 2007

Graves disease June 2008

Candida overgrowth / started treatment November 2008

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