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Celiac Or Not?

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Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is long, but I don't know where to turn at this point. I've been sick for as long as I can remember. I always had stomach problems and diarrhea. I've had my share of tests - upper GI series, at this point 4 endoscopies, and 1 colonoscopy. All reveal absolutely nothing!! About 10 years ago I had Celiac Sprue blood test and it was negative. Fast forward to a few years ago, I had another blood test and was told it was positive. I had the biopsy done and was told to go on a gluten-free diet. The biopsy came back negative (which I know can mean nothing as it can be patchy), I was gluten-free for 6 months and felt no better. The blood tests really didn't change all that much and I was told to continue being gluten-free. I became frustrated and went off the diet since I didn't feel ANY better what so ever. I went back to the Doc in April and they did another blood test. Was told again that it's positive, which means I absolutely have Celiac. I have been gluten-free for 3 months now and I'm ready to rip my hair out. Again, I feel NO better. I don't know what to do at this point. Do I have Celiac or not?

What else can I do? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you for letting me vent!

Gluten-Free December 2006-February 2007, then told ok to stop. Now here I am again, Gluten-Free since April 2008.

I did it! I ran my first Half Marathon at Disney on 1/6/07 for the Arthritis Foundation!

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