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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi everyone, Sorry if this is long, but I don't know where to turn at this point. I've been sick for as long as I can remember. I always had stomach problems and diarrhea. I've had my share of tests - upper GI series, at this point 4 endoscopies, and 1 colonoscopy. All reveal absolutely nothing!! About 10 years ago I had Celiac Sprue blood test and it was negative. Fast forward to a few years ago, I had another blood test and was told it was positive. I had the biopsy done and was told to go on a gluten-free diet. The biopsy came back negative (which I know can mean nothing as it can be patchy), I was gluten-free for 6 months and felt no better. The blood tests really didn't change all that much and I was told to continue being gluten-free. I became frustrated and went off the diet since I didn't feel ANY better what so ever. I went back to the Doc in April and they did another blood test. Was told again that it's positive, which means I absolutely have Celiac. I have been gluten-free for 3 months now and I'm ready to rip my hair out. Again, I feel NO better. I don't know what to do at this point. Do I have Celiac or not? What else can I do? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for letting me vent!
  3. I see Dr. Steven Fine in Framingham and I think he's wonderful. I don't think he specialized in Celiac, but he is very knowledgable. He will call you just to see how you are doing. http://greaterbostongi.com/sf.htm I also see Melinda Dennis, nutritionist at BIDMC. She is FANTASTIC! She is gluten-free and has DH and completely understands. She also helps run the Healthy Villi - http://www.healthyvilli.com and teaches classes - http://deletethewheat.com/
  4. Hi everyone, I've been gluten-free for about 3 weeks now. My boyfriend and I were invited to a wedding in Pittsburgh in July. It's an acquaintance of my boyfriend's, not someone he's really close with, and someone I have never met. So, I'm wondering what I should do about eating. The RSVP card lists beef, chicken or fish. So do I check on off and ask for it gluten-free? Or have my boyfriend call his friend and see what I can do? Or just bring my own food? I'd hate for them to have to pay for a meal that I'm not going to eat, but it seems like if they're having steak, maybe they could just make it plain, no sauce? Again, since I don't even know these people, I don't want to make any kind of fuss. Should I find out the caterer like suggested above? What do I do? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I was recently told by my doc to go back on a gluten-free diet (this is an entirely different story....) and I'm starting today. I completely forgot to figure out if my medications are gluten-free. Does anyone know if Doryx is gluten-free? I just called the pharmacy, and all they could tell me was that gluten wasn't listed as an ingredient. So asked about wheat, and she said no, but she couldn't confirm it was definitely gluten-free. I've looked online, and I've found old info that suggests is contains wheat starch. So I'm not really sure! Any thoughts? I can't seem to find the info on the Doryx site either. Thanks!!
  6. Thanks JoR. I'm fairly certain that everything I've eaten, up until last night, has been gluten free. I pretty much eat the same things every day, and it's all gluten-free. I've been to a nutritionist who had me keep a food diary and looked at what I ate. She said it was all gluten-free. I don't have anything in my apartment that is not gluten-free, as I got ri of it all prior to starting the diet. All of my lotions and shampoos are all so gluten-free. I'm going back to the nutritionist in a few weeks, so I know she'll go over what I've eaten again and make other suggestions. I do eat a lot of dairy and soy, so that could be it too. Guess I'll have to work on that next! THANKS
  7. I've had IBS symptoms all my life. I've been to different Dr's and finally one suggested maybe celiac. So first I had bloodwork done, in December, and my tTG-IgA was 32 (on a scale of 0-19 units), IGG 29.8 (scale of 0.0-24.9) and IGA was <20 (scale of 0.0-24.9), so slightly elevated and Dr wanted me to have an endoscopy. He took 8 samples and all came back perfectly healthy, no damage to the villi at all. The samples were sent to a lab that specializes celiac, so I'm confident in the results. I was told to go on the gluten-free diet for a few months and then go back for more bloodwork. I've been gluten-free now since mid-Dec and my symptoms have not improved AT ALL! I still haven't gone in for the bloodwork yet, I was planning to go this week. But then last night I simply couldn't take it and I ate bread! I've been so good, but I've just had a really stressful week and I just needed the bread. I feel the same today as I feel every day, still diarrhea in the morning, like EVERYDAY, so nothing different. But today I'm really upset with myself for the slip up, but I'm also confused as to whether I really even HAVE celiac or not. My PCP says no, that a lot of people have a slightly elevated tTG-IgA and it doesn't mean anything. And my GI doc was certain I'd feel better in a few days after being gluten-free, but I never did. Anyone have any advice? I'm going to call the GI doc today for advice, but just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience. Thanks for listening!! jen
  8. Thanks, that's good to know! My office is just down the street from there.
  9. I can so relate! I hoped when I moved the last time (about 2 yrs ago) that would be it for a while. But since then, I've had days with no heat, to which my landlord basically says I'm crazy, but then there are days it goes on and it's in the 80's and I have to open a window! Then I had some crazy girl move in upstairs who, I swear, moves furniture around at 2 am every night. Then she threw a cigarette in the trash and started a fire and my apartment got flooded due when they put it out. They did a crappy job replacing the ceiling and never even let the walls dry. So it smells like mold in some of my cabinets, and the moisture has attracted roaches!! They wouldn't let me out of my lease early, and I've tried numerous times to contact the state housing authority, who don't seem to care either. So I'm stuck there until September. I DO NOT WANT TO MOVE! But obviously I have to. I feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi everyone, I just need to vent a little bit. I've been gluten-free for a few months now. Yesterday I was at Trader Joe's and picked up a bag of their new potato cheese gnocchi, hoping they were gluten-free. Alas, they were not, not that I'm surprised, but I was upset about it. I literally started to cry in Trader Joe's! I know I looked stupid, but I just couldn't help myself. I bought my items, went home and made myself a nice gluten-free dinner. But I'm still just a little sad about all of this. Does it get any easier?? Anyway, thanks for listening! jen
  11. If you can go to MGM Studios at Disney, I suggest the Brown Derby. I had a fabulous experience there. The chef came out to meet with me and told me to look at the menu and see what appealled to me and he'd make basically any dish gluten-free. I had roasted chicken breast, grilled asparagus and creamy polenta. It was DELISH! Also, he brought out hot tapioca rolls! Most of the nice places will be very accomodating! Have fun!
  12. I use Udderly Smooth Udder Cream on my hands. It's gluten-free, it's thick, but isn't at all greasy. http://www.uddercream.com/ For my body, I use Amlactin, which used to only be available with a prescription. You can usually find it near the pharmacy, or you can ask for it. It is gluten-free as well as corn free http://www.upsher-smith.com/products/amlac...amlactinfaq.htm
  14. I had an lower GI series and crohn's was found from that. I've never had a colonoscopy. There are also some blood tests they can do to confirm diagnosis.
  15. I've heard a lot of you mention an elimination diet. What exactly is it and how do I go about doing it? I've been gluten-free since December, but I'm still having stomach issues that don't seem to go away. I went to a nutritionist who is helping me figure things out a bit, but she never suggested that I have allergies to anything else. Do I basically just eat meats, veggies and fruits? Any grains? I also have ileitis (Crohn's disease), which makes things a little worse with some foods, but it's hard to say what! Thanks for your help, jen
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