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Lipstick Information

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I am going to my first Celiac Support Group Meeting this evening and I really look forward to it. I am now 2 months into having Celiac and the gluten free diet. Not having worn lipstick has been annoying and has made me look worse than I have felt. So I just got off the phone with both MAC and Lancome. I have loved the MAC lipsticks and the Studio Fix foundation, but discover that the lipsicks are definitely not safe. Studio Fix contains soy so I am not sure if that is ok. I asked if I could return the unopened lipsticks that I have and I was told I could try to return them to the store but it was up to the discretion of the store. They really did not care at all about Celiac Disease and gluten free products. I was really surprised. MAC advertises all the time for their AIDS support so I thought they would be interested in "our cause". I then called Lancome and they were wonderful. Their lipsticks are totally gluten free. I suggested that they might consider somehow putting gluten-free on their packages and the lady said she would pass the info along. ALso emailed Prestige about their lip liners and they are safe. So that is good news. I went to my local Whole Foods and was disappointed to learn that even tho they advertise on their website that they carry gluten free lipsticks, mine does not. Lancome is expensive but at least you can see it, test it and then buy it.

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