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Texas Roadhouse And Logan's Roadhouse

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i called both of these restaurants in florence alabama.

the girls who answered the phone at both places was probably the hostess, and neither had even heard the term gluten free.

they each asked, and both came back saying they did not have a gluten-free menu, and that they could not guarantee.

my dd doesnt seem to have an issue with cc.

we live in a town with no chain restaurants other than fast food, so we are just having to tell the cooks, waitstaff, etc to be super careful. we are so lucky, they have all been awesome.

so anyway, do any of you have any experience with logans or texas roadhouse?

dd age 12 -- diagnosed celiac via 2 positive bloodtests april 08 & biopsy june 08

ds age 5 -- bloodwork negative aug 2008

ds age 3 -- not tested yet

ds infant -- not tested yet

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