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Green Eyes

I Didn't Have Any Symptoms

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Well, for me it means that now, when I have gluten (which has only been accidentally, btw) I have a sick, nauseated feeling, then stomach pain for about a half hour, then the diarrhea starts and goes on for about 30 minutes, on and off, until I can't believe there is anything left in my body. It's almost like I prepped for a colonoscopy. So far, it has only happened twice and I was lucky enough to be in a home with a bathroom handy. Don't know what I would do if it happened in a restaurant or on a car ride. It's very urgent! Afterwards, I'm very tired. Both times, it happened in the evening and I was fine the next day. That's just me. I've read about people feeling lousy for a week.

diagnosed 6/08 by biopsy

son diagnosed 7/08 by biopsy

niece diagnosed 10/08 by biopsy

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