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Reactions To Cooking Gluten

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Hi gluten-free Community....Do any of you guys ever get sick from just the odors from cooking gluten? For the past week I have been glutened, but couldn't figure how, until I awoke with heart palpitations, tingling lips and extreme anxiety at 1am...to find husband and son cooking pizza and pasta so that I wouldn't "catch" them with gluten. I try to maintain a gluten-free house, since me and my kids have gluten issues and a grandson with autism on the diet. My son is in denial, because he enjoys his gluten binges, he has been cooking late at night after I go to sleep. My grandson had problems at school during this week as well. Please tell me I'm not imagining the symptoms. Some people just don't get it. When I confronted them, shaking with sweats, they just said "hey, calm down, it's just pasta". OMG!

Hi bjn. So sorry you're having a hard time. Do know that this site is supportive and is a good place to go for help. I think you ought to have a talk with your family members about your concerns. It sounds like they are not compliant in the kitchen! Unfortunately it is highly possible that you have "been glutened" by contamination. It is so important that everyone in the kitchen be respectful so that we don't get sick.

Talk with your family and maybe just a little respect will help you to feel well.

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