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Home Planning

Guest BellyTimber

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Guest BellyTimber

This has been bugging me - just had a brainwave - why don't I ask here!


My "alleged" kitchen is extraordinarily small: a couple of feet of work top, a couple of feet of shelves I had put up myself, a couple of drawers, a few very small cupboards with doors that get in the way.

It has a nice washing machine and fridge and a workable if strange cooker.

(It's not my place)


I put my own freezer in the sitting room - beautifully quiet (38dB)!


The drawers are OK for cutlery. I need to put the following handy:

electric kettle

bread machine




miscellaneous packets, jars & tins - opened & in use

ditto, not opened yet


pots & pans

What sort of furniture do I need to put in the nearest part of the sitting room and what should I put on it, from the above?


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We added a large shelf system we bought at Sam's. It holds all the stuff we would normally put in a pantry including canned goods and the large buckets of grains and flours we keep. I put the Corning Ware and iron skillets on the top shelf along with the extra paper towels and such that don't need to be handy every meal every day. On the next shelf I keep the mill and other appliances that I just pull out a couple of times a week. On the lower shelves I keep canned goods, olive oil, buckets of mixes, and stuff that I need ready access to. It has made life much easier.


South Georgia

9 yrs gluten-free

...also DH, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, osteopenia, hypothyroid...

After almost 10 years, I am doing soooo much better!

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I ended up buying wire shelves from the local k-mart for $40 and they work great. Holds both food and appliances:)

Me: 30

gluten-free since 2000 due to breastfeeding reactive child, found out 1 yr later when I tried eating wheat again I had the same problem and all my health issues came back! Happily went right back to gluten-free diet)

+ DNA test, multiple markers

osteopenia & severe dental damage from long term malnutrition

dd: 6

gluten-free since 4 months old due to severe gluten reactivity (diarrhea and cramps from mom eating gluten and getting it though breast milk)

+ DNA test

Never had a Twinkie and thinks fresh fruit is to die for!:)

dd: 5 months, awaiting DNA testing, mommy got glutened and I got diarrhea!

12 family members with celiac (mix of biopsy dx's and known reactivity to gluten)

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